Monday, July 16, 2012

ILoveThisBox - how disappointing.

Well, after only about 6 months or so, they closed down 'IloveThisBox' subscription service.  They wouldn't offically go into detail about why or anything, but it seems there are a few out there also closing down.

I have now signed up for 'LustHaveIt'.  It was on a YouTube'rs channel as her top rated subscripton box and I have to admit - its pretty good!

My next one is due this week sometime.  Which works out well, since I am moving in between monthly deliveries and my August one will be delivered to my new address!  Yay!

Last months box contained a glitter liner, 24ct gold eye and face masks and a few other goodies.  I am having so much fun getting this little present to myself each month.  I will definitely continue getting this service.

I will do a review of my next box after I have browsed through all the latest goodies!!

Shari  xxoo

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